Ubiqus are committed to our social responsibility by ensuring our badges are Eco-Friendly.


Right from the beginning our badge production has been environmentally responsible.
Whether they are classic or conferenceall our eco-friendly badges are made with a paper core and a durable polyester lamination. Absolutely no PVC material is included of which we are well aware is harmful to the environment.

Using a process pioneered by Ubiqus,our clients can take full advantage of our programme and simply send back badges after your event and we’ll recycle them.

For Ubiqus, Eco-Friendly Badges aren’t an optional extra. All our pre-printed event badges are, by definition, Eco-Friendly Badges. If you’d like to see them for yourself, request a complimentary sample badge.


  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Ubiqus  are respectful of the natural world. Where possible we work hard to reduce the impact of our business on the environment.
Ubiqus has chosen a production method that is as environmentally friendly as possible and as such, has implemented a Waste-to-Energy Program.

Our production facility works with a waste disposal company that ensures we are part of the circular energy economy.

  • All the waste that we produce while printing badges is incinerated back into useable energy. 
    After an event badges can be returned to us to ensure safe disposal.
  • We don’t produce PVC badges.
    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) contains many harmful components including chlorine, phthalates and toxic fire retardants. Lots of harmful dioxins are released on combustion or into the ground if sent to landfill.
  • For our badges we use an FSC certified paper core encapsulated in durable polyester laminate.
    When polyester is burned it produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water so it is no more harmful than a wood fire.

The same environmental standards apply across our whole range of name badges.
Reusable badges are another environmentally attractive option.

  • Return your used badges?

After an event badges can be returned to us to ensure safe disposal.
Send badges to:

Ubiqus UK
Badge Recycling Programme
61 Southwark Street