Ubiqus Badges FAQs to ensure you get the service that you require

Whatever the event, Ubiqus Badges can provide you with a guideline on how to create name badges which enhance your brand and convey your key messages.

Conferences and events require thorough planning and clearly defined objectives in order to run smoothly. Venues, logistics, speakers and content all need careful consideration.

However, ensuring that participant name badges are accurate and that they can convey the right message and information to attendees can be crucial to the success of the event.

Here are some FAQs and the answers which may assist your understanding as well as help us to provide you with the right level of service for your conference or event.

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  • 1) What information do you need to get my badges ready?

Sending Artwork and file types
We can accept the following file types for logos and images that you would like to see on your your badges:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator),
  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop),
  • .png and .jpg (Should be at 300 dpi at the printable size),
  • .eps.  
  • Full badge artworks can be uploaded in the following formats:
  • .indd (Adobe Indesign), .pdf.

Please check that all images are intended for print and are in CMYK colour.

Name data should be sent in a standard spreadsheet format, preferably a .xlsx or a .csv file. 
When creating data, ensure the following:

  • Data should be titled with your Ubiqus job number and job title.
  • First and last names should be in separate columns.
  • All cases should be as they will appear on the badge
  • Any mistakes in data submitted remain the client’s responsibility
  • Please check spellings capitalisation and hyphenation (particularly in company names).

Download an example data sheet here.

  • 2) How do Ubiqus’ name badges differ from those of other badge companies??

Very few badge companies offer such high quality printing or such a high degree of badge customisation. With us you can personalise many different items on your badges! Even fewer offer as deep a level of understanding of your requirements. This means we don’t just print name badges; we work with you to make sure your badges contribute to the success of your event.
Ubiqus Badges services provides you with:

  • Free graphic design
  • Unsurpassed quality of printing
  • Environmentally friendly badges
  • A waste-to-energy programme for our used badges

Why not ask for some FREE samples so you can judge for yourself?

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  • 3) How does our services differ from what you do in-house?

If you’re producing badges in-house, are you taking into account the value of your time? Or the hassle of printing / sorting all your badges?  There are real cost savings to be had from professional-quality badges that are right the first time.

  • 4) How much do your name badges cost?

Our prices depend on the following:

  • the number of badges required
  • the type of fasteners
  • the size and style of your badges (Classic or Optimum Conference)
  • whether you require a customised reverse side of the badge
  • the complexity of your design.

To truly understand the potential cost click on on of the options below to discuss your requirements:

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  • 5) How quickly can you get the badges to me?

Our badges are made in the UK with our premises located in the Greater London area.
This allows us to be able to deliver:

  • in 2 working days to a mainland UK address.
  • fast delivery available to the rest of the world.


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