Customised Conference Optimum name badges, big and bold enough to magnify your brand.


Ubiqus Optimum Conference Name Badges are big enough to include vital information about your conference, seminar or meeting.

Optimum Conference Name Badges come in the following standard dimensions:

  • 80 X 120 mm – Optimum Conference Badge
  • 90 X 130 mm – Optimum Conference Badge XL

This allows plenty of space for – personalised agendas, corporate sponsor logos, maps, Wi-Fi information building plans and larger images.

In addition each badge can be customised per delegate with language flags, session choices and room locations.

With crucial information printed on a badge that arrives sorted on trays and ready to go, you can say goodbye to the woes of stuffing plastic wallets, bulky information packs and misplaced itineraries.

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The Product: Thanks to its large size you can fit up to 30 lines of text on each side. This is ideal for an event programme, agenda, room location or even a bespoke itinerary for each participant.


Shape and Dimensions:  Standard dimensions include Optimum Conference Badge (80 x 120mm) or  Optimum Conference XL Badge (90 x 130mm).


Customise:  A large printable area allows a great deal of personalisation on each badge. Include variable data such as logos, photos, text, banners, flags, etc.


Cover Every Detail: Include maps, hotel information, health and safety information. Include all the information you need to ensure your event goes without incident.




Did you know?

 The world’s longest name belongs to
Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr.(Wolfe+585, Senior).
His full name is 746 characters long.
The average name is 14 characters long.
Our design process allows us to handle names that are very long as we can adjust the font size and layout on each individual badge before going to print.