Outstanding custom made pull-up banners to compliment your name badges.


Stylish design and proven reliability, our range of pull-up banners has been specially designed for maximum convenience and ease of use, ideal for all kinds of corporate events, any indoor promotions.

Pull-up banners can compliment your name badges. Tailored to your needs, our banners are easy to set-up, lightweight and portable and can carry high-resolution graphics.

The pull-up banners are available in four different sizes:

  • 850mm x 2000mm
  • 1000mm x 2000mm
  • 1500mm x 2000mm
  • 2000mm x 2000mm

Made with durable anodised brushed aluminium, our pull-up are self-winding. They are provided with a free padded carry bag to store your banner in when not in use. All our pull-up banners will be delivered within 5 working days.

Need further details? Feel free to download our Technical Manual.


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Did you know?

All our badges are eco-friendly. They are printed on FSC certified paper and laminated in polyester.
This is far less damaging to the environment than PVC when destroyed.
Return your badges to us after your event, and we will have them responsibly incinerated to return energy to the circular energy economy.